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ARAUCO celebrates 40 years of business with China

ARAUCO is celebrating 40 years of business with China, the world¡¯s second economy after recently surpassing Japan to lead the Asian region. This is one of the company¡¯s most significant milestones, and one that few companies in Chile can claim. At present, ARAUCO is the largest supplier of pulp for the Chinese market, with a market share close to 11%, and is an important supplier of sawn timber during an extensive, steady and uninterrupted 40 year business relationship, built on reliability. There are a number of facts that show the sustained growth of the Chinese economy and how the company has developed with it. For example, since 1977 ARAUCO went from having one active customer to more than 80. In addition, its production is now 100 times greater. Today, the company ships 2 million tons of pulp, compared to the less than 20,000 that were delivered 40 years ago. Annual sales increased from US$7 million to, currently, over US$1,000. Regarding the future of the Chinese economy, ARAUCO predicts stable growth for the mid-term with numbers between 6% and 7%, mostly due to high global growth rates in terms of consumption. This will continue to strengthen a strategic, stable and reliable relationship with China in the long term.