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PEFC Announces 2017 Stakeholder Seminars

These free to attend half-day seminars, ¡®Connecting Certified Forests to the Marketplace¡¯, will be held in January 2017 at venues in both London and Birmingham. There will be sessions on the PEFC label and what it guarantees. Information will also available on the rigorous certification procedures behind PEFC certification, with the aim of helping to better equip organisations to promote their certified status to their customers. PEFC UK welcomes attendees from certified companies across the paper, print, packaging and timber related industry sectors, including Chain of Custody administrators, marketing and sales personnel, as well as their customers. Delegates will be encouraged to participate in discussions around a number of key topics. These include; Sustainable Forest Management, Chain of Custody Certification and How to use the PEFC label. The event will close with a discussion on the challenges, benefits and business opportunities that having PEFC Chain of Custody certification presents. , In addition PEFC hopes to learn more about their stakeholders¡¯ needs and requirements, so that their businesses can benefit. The two half-day Stakeholder Seminars will run from 9.30am until 1pm, with lunch and networking opportunities to follow. The London seminar will be held on Wednesday 11th January 2017 while the Birmingham seminar will be held on the Wednesday 18th January. Commenting on the announcement of the Stakeholder Seminars for 2017, PEFC UK¡¯s Executive Director, Alun Watkins, said, ¡°We ran several of these seminar sessions at locations around the country in 2016 and they proved to be very popular. We are keen for as many of our stakeholders as possible to benefit from these free sessions to enable them to learn more about the PEFC programme.¡±